Banksy does it again.. Disma Land

The most influential artist of our time has made me lose my mind once again. Sometimes I wonder if he will be what Walt Disney was for his time... Imagine five decades from now we will be watching pixar type movies with a Banksy element, and a new artist comes from under him and shows us what art should be like. Say what you will about Banksy, but to have a real life superhero, or a Willy Wonka in our generation is honestly something really special.  If you can make it, get to the UK. 

Trying a new website

Hopefully I can keep your attention with some stuff that keeps my attention.

Well here I am!

After many years with the same old run down site, I've decided to start making some changes. I have way too much work to put up that would normally take hours to figure out on the last site, but technology has come so far that I can keep up with times and maybe actually write on my twitter account. More to come.